Permeable pavers saved a family's dream patio


When homeowners in Falcon Heights wanted to add an outdoor patio between a driveway and their home, they discovered that their plans would exceed the city's limit on impermeable surfaces.

Limits on impervious surfaces are not uncommon. Each municipality in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area must file an annual report of its stormwater management practices as required by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The homeowners decided that permeable pavers would be an environmentally friendly solution that would meet the city's impervious footprint limit. They selected Willow Creek Brickstone Permeable and Aqua-Loc pavers.

The new outdoor space includes a dining area, firepit patio surrounded by a VERSA-LOK seat wall, and steps that connect the patio to a sliding door and a side entrance. The combination of two styles of permeable paver lends the outdoor space a unique appearance, while meeting their city's regulations that limit impermeable surfaces on residential property.

This beautiful patio uses a combination of Brickstone Permeable and Aqua-Loc pavers.